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As a part of Field Hockey Canada’s One Team vision, we are committed to sharing knowledge and offering valuable learning experiences to the community. Field Hockey Canada is thrilled to introduce the 2018 “One Team Webinar Series.”

The goal of the webinar series is to give our members the opportunity to tune in and learn from some of the key leaders from across the country. The series, launching at the end of February, will feature eight webinars over the course of the calendar year, covering a range of topics related to all areas of our sport. From high-performance national team coaches to umpires and off-field officials, the “One Team Webinar Series” will cover all the ins and outs of Canadian Field Hockey.

If you would like to volunteer to host a webinar or have ideas for future webinars, please contact Susan Ahrens, Director of Hockey Development at


The first season will feature KJ Williams as she returns from a FIH sponsored indoor coaching program, Paula Parks (Olympic technical official) and both senior national team coaches, Giles Bonnet and Paul Bundy. Confirmed schedule to come shortly.

EPISODE 1 – FEBRUARY 27, 8pm EST (5pm PST)

PRESENTATION: Indoor Coaching Webinar
Host: Kathryn (KJ) Williams
DESCRIPTION: Indoor National Team GK and U of T GK coach brings back her knowledge gained at the FIH high performance coaching camp that took place at the Indoor World Cup. Watch, listen and learn as she talks about the Indoor World Cup, indoor strategies and tactics and field questions from guests.