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Hall of Fame

The Field Hockey Canada Hall of Fame honours decades or excellence in Canadian field hockey.

Builder Category

Dr. Harry Warren [class of 2015]
Dr. Marina Van der Merwe [class of 2015]
Dr. Sue Neill [class of 2015]
Janet Ellis [class of 2016]
Kathy Broderick [class of 2018]
Louis Mendonca [class of 2018]
Margaret Lanning [class of 2018]
Sumesh Putra [class of 2015]

Athlete Category

Nancy Mollenhauer [class of 2015]
Nick Sandhu [class of 2016]
Patrick Burrows [class of 2015]
Paul ‘Bubli’ Chohan [class of 2015]
Sharon Creelman [class of 2015]
Sheila Forshaw [class of 2018]

Team Category

1964 Men’s Olympic Team [class of 2016]