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2017 National Championships: Day 7

A week of high level hockey was rounded out as the 2017 National Championships in Surrey, B.C. headed into its seventh day. The sun was shining as the U23 Women’s medal games played on, with fight for the bronze medal up first.

2017 Nationals Championships: Day 6

The sun was shining as Day 6 of the 2017 Nationals was underway. The day featured games from the U23 and U18 competitions with the Women’s U23 teams fighting for the top spot in the country, in their semi-final games.

2017 National Championships: Day 5

It was a rainy start to Day 5 of the 2017 National Championships in Tamanawis Park in Surrey, BC which saw the U15 tournament wrap it’s last day of play! Day 5 featured battles for the top 3 U15 teams in Canada. The U15 Boys and Girls teams battled for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in an exciting day filled with a high level of hockey.

2017 National Championships: Day 4

Day 4 saw the 2017 Nationals has hit the halfway mark! The day also marked the start of the U23 Women’s tournament, oversaw the U18’s continue pool play, and the U15 Girls teams battled out their semi-final match ups before heading to the medal rounds in Day 5.

An Open Letter To Canadian Alumni - By Nancy Mollenhauer

Women’s alumna and two-time Olympian Nancy Mollenhauer has penned an Open Letter sharing her recent experience with the Women’s National Team and encouraging supporting the team.

2017 National Championships: Day 3

Day 3 of the 2017 National Championships was another busy day of hockey, featuring a little less sun but the same amount of fun!

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2017 Pan American Cup (Men)August 4 - August 13, 2017 | Lancaster, PA
2017 Pan American Cup (Women)August 4 - August 13, 2017 | Lancaster, PA

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