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Field Hockey Canada is pleased announce the Canadian National Team 60+ for the World Grand Masters (WGM) World Cup in Barcelona. This is the first time a Canadian National Team has entered a WGM event, a competition for athletes sixty years of age and over.

The WGM World Cup is held every two years and in recent times has been played in: Newcastle, Australia; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Oxford, England; Cape Town, South Africa and Hong Kong, China. This year’s competition will involve at least 70 teams in both men’s and women’s competitions. FHC has assembled a team of highly motivated and skilled players. We look forward to a great competition. The 2018 WGM World Cup will take place in June 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

The Canadian National Team for the WGM World Cup is a travelling party of 16 players, 2 staff (and 9 accompanying partners).

Coach & Manager: Donald Paterson
Medical Staff: Sonia Virdi

Ian BaggotBC
Ken BeckettBC
David ByrneUSA
Andy HaighBC
Jim Jenkyns AL
Ishrat Khan ON
Al McBeth BC
John McCulloch BC
Mark Northcote BC
Patrick OswaldBC
Gord PlottelBC
Bill Purcell BC
Colin Schmutter BC
Tony StewartAL
Kuldip Virdi BC
Alan WightmanAL