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Coaching Resources

Field Hockey Canada’s Coaching Pathway prepares coaches from the grassroots, community levels to high-performance. An athlete-centered, coach led model ensures a holistic approach intended to serving the growth of the game.

Field Hockey Canada, in association with the Coaches of Canada, has developed a coaching model and training program to prepare coaches of all levels to effectively lead athletes in their field hockey developments. Coaching seminars are available across the country and are arranged by Provincial Field Hockey Associations.

Coaches look for training should use the following document:

LTAD Skills Development Pathway

The following resources show the expected athlete skill progression based on the LTAD stage of participation and outlines when and at what age coaches should focus on skill introduction, development, competency, proficiency and excellence. *These documents are pending final approval.

For more coaching resources, visit our partners:

Concussion Education and Policy

Visit our Community Coaching Toolkit for more information

Community Field Hockey is the entry point for most as they are introduced to the sport of Field Hockey. Athletes at this stage could be under 12 years of age and are developing fundamental movement skills, and learning fundamental field hockey techniques and team play, or they could be adult recreational players in the active for life stage of LTAD.

Community Coaches could be parent volunteers, teachers, or any player (over 16yrs) that may have limited coaching experience and are interested in learning “how to coach.”

Field Hockey Canada’s Community Coaching Pathway includes mandatory SafeSport requirements as well as the following training modules:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills – delivered by the CAC
  • Field Hockey Canada Community eLearning: This training can be accessed (Link coming soon)

The FHC eLearning module includes two components

  • Coach Initiation in Sport: focus on basic principles of coaching, Long Term Athlete Development, Athlete Safety and Coaching Motivation.
  • FHC Community Field Hockey: Focus on basics of Field Hockey, rules and equipment, LTAD specific field hockey technical and tactical elements, planning.

This eLearning can be completed at the convenience of the coach, progress can be saved and returned to at a later date if necessary.

Coaches will need to create a NCCP Locker Account to complete the training.