Field Hockey Canada > 2019 FHC National Championships U15 Division

The 2019 U15 National Championships will take place in Calgary, Alberta from July 23-28th. Field Hockey Canada partnered with Field Hockey Alberta will be hosting the event at The University of Calgary.

*Stay tuned for event schedule.

*Stay tuned for attending teams and rosters.


  • Kimberly Scott
  • Madison Romeril
  • Maryanne Umbsaar
  • Huyen Y Way
  • Avery Vadnai
  • Sean Bender
  • Sandra Smith
  • Hillary Tobin
  • Dennis Zaccagnini


Umpire Manager – Keely Dunn

Umpire Manager – Austin Paquette

Technical Director – Tony Stewart

Technical Director – Bryan Haigh

Technical Official – Tia Paquette

Technical Official – Sanjay D’Silva