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Women’s National Team 2018 Europe Tour

The Women’s National Team participates in a 7-week excursion across Europe, training and competing against top European nations from June 15-July 16, 2018.

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Match Result Date Time
Canada vs Ireland3-0 WJune 15, 20181900
Canada vs Ireland1-1 DrawJune 16, 20181700
Canada vs Netherlands0-8 LJune 18, 20181600
Canada vs Netherlands0-1 LJune 20, 20181600
Canada vs Germany1-1 DrawJune 22, 20181700
Canada vs Ireland1-1 DrawJune 23, 20181700
Canada vs Netherlands U210-5 LJune 25, 20181500
Canada vs Netherlands U211-3 LJune 28, 20181500
Canada vs Netherlands U211-2 LJune 29, 20181330
Canada vs France4-0 WJuly 1, 20181430
Canada vs RussiaCANCELLEDJuly 2, 20181500
Canada vs Belarus4-1 WJuly 3, 20181330
Canada vs Netherlands1-1 DrawJuly 6, 20181100
Canada vs South Africa2-1 WJuly 8, 20181500
Canada vs South Africa4-2 WJuly 9, 20181500
Canada vs Spain3-2 WJuly 13, 20181800
Canada vs Spain2-2 DrawJuly 14, 20181800
Canada vs Spain0-0 DrawJuly 16, 20181200

Timezone Assistant


*Note: Matches on June 15-16 vs Ireland will follow IST. All other European matches will follow CEST.


Rachel Donohoe
Rowan Harris
Hannah Haughn
Dani Hennig
Karli Johansen
Shanlee Johnston
Kat Leahy
Alison Lee
Lauren Logush
Sara McManus
Steph Norlander
Maddie Secco
Natalie Sourisseau
Brienne Stairs
Holly Stewart
Alex Thicke
Kaitlyn Williams
Amanda Woodcroft
Nikki Woodcroft
Kate Wright