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Hall of Fame



The Field Hockey Canada Hall of Fame honours decades or excellence in Canadian field hockey. For nomination information please visit our criteria page or nominate someone in the community by filling out our online nomination form.

Builder Category

Dr. Harry Warren [class of 2014]
Dr. Marina Van der Merwe [class of 2015]
Dr. Sue Neill [class of 2015]
Janet Ellis [class of 2016]
Kathy Broderick [class of 2018]
Louis Mendonca [class of 2018]
Dorothy ‘Dot’ Asuma [class of 2019]
Jenny John [class of 2019]
Denys Cooper [class of 2019]

Athlete Category

Nancy Mollenhauer [class of 2014]
Nick Sandhu [class of 2016]
Patrick Burrows [class of 2015]
Paul ‘Bubli’ Chohan [class of 2014]
Sharon Creelman [class of 2015]
Sheila Forshaw [class of 2018]
Shelley Winter Andrews [class of 2019]
Alan Hobkirk [class of 2019]
Reg Plummer [class of 2019]

Officials Category

Sumesh Putra [class of 2014]
Margaret Lanning
 [class of 2018]
Alan Waterman [class of 2019]

Team Category

1964 Men’s Olympic Team [class of 2016]
1983 Women’s National Team [class of 2019]