Field Hockey Canada > Field Hockey Canada appoints Ayesha Koome as Integrated Support Team Lead and Therapist

FHC Certified Athletic Therapist takes on new lead role within organization

Field Hockey Canada (FHC) is excited to announce the appointment of Ayesha Koome as the Integrated Support Team (IST) Lead and Therapist. Koome joins the organization following her extensive experience in athletic therapy and has worked with the Men’s NextGen program since 2018. Starting April 2021, Koome will oversee and guide the high-performance sport science and medicine strategy.

At the same time she was completing her degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy in Victoria, BC, Koome was at a NextGen camp where she got her first taste of working with field hockey athletes. She then began her career as Head Therapist of Delta Wild Hockey Academy and Capilano University before returning to FHC full-time. Following an appointment at the Men’s National Team Olympic Qualifier in 2019, Koome is inspired to create positive change within her new role.

“I think there is an opportunity within FHC’s programs to really expand the IST support and structure,” Koome said. “I look forward to taking the lead of developing that out and really making some changes to better support our athletes.”

On top of managing IST teams at domestic and international events, camps and competitions, Koome will be leading COVID-19 and return to play protocol. According to High Performance Director Adam Janssen, Koome will play an important role moving forward.

“I am pleased to have Ayesha join FHC in the role of IST Lead to take on this critical portfolio,” Janssen said. “Ayesha will be responsible for developing and managing injury monitoring protocols, IST contractors and building out an integrated support team to address various areas of performance.”

With the restructuring of the organization’s high-performance team that focuses on podium success and improved player pathways, Koome will undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective to the group and build on the evolving team of teams.

“Overall, FHC has many plans for moving its programs toward success in the coming years and it makes me really excited and grateful that I get to be a part of that process,” Koome added.

Welcome to the team, Ayesha!