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Following the HP system review in the summer, Field Hockey Canada restructured and has a high-performance team eyeing podium success 

One of the many benefits of team sport is the broader advantage of being part of something bigger than yourself. In field hockey, you are rarely alone in the moments on the field of play. You have teammates who share the highs that success brings. It is fitting therefore that Field Hockey Canada is committed to building a Team of Teams structure within the organization as we build our sport at all levels 

Together, our community is one large team that reaches from grassroots to high performance. Together we strive for goals at all levels: to increase participation numbers and quality of experience, to deliver podium success at the international level. From masters hockey, to technical officials and umpires; from coaches, staff, volunteers to our partners and stakeholders we are a collective, a Team of Teams, united on our mission. 

After a successful 2019 on and off the field, FHC pushed forward ready at all levels for an Olympicthemed 2020. When the COVID-19 global pandemic shut down training and competition in the spring, like all of us around the world, FHC’s operations had to quickly pivotFor our national teams, this was dramatic. The Men’s National Team saw a summer that included Olympic postponement. The Women’s National Team had to quickly leave their centralized program in Europe and safely return back to home soil.  

Field Hockey Canada then had to quickly reimagine what 2020 would be and seized the opportunity and worked hard off the field to set up short- and long-term success. 

CEO Susan Ahrens speaks about what the transformation has looked like the reflects on the last eight months. 

Whilst the pandemic is horrific in so many ways our hearts are with everyone who is suffering at this time — Field Hockey Canada has tried to make the best of this unusual pause in activity. It has been uplifting to see the sports community come togetherFrom working closely with our PSO members to shape a safe return to play, to building stronger ties with clubs and partners, this year has thankfully continued to bring progress in many areas,” Ahrens said. 

Much of this process comes down to our wonderful community. Our army of volunteers who work on the ground and in our committees — too many to mention individually but each and every one a true team player building our team and our sport. Our new high-performance structure and is perhaps our most visible transformation. They are now ideally positioned to take our national teams to the next level. 

One of the major advantages to hiring world class coaches is the opportunity to live the Team of Teams approach to a high-performance structure and create connections within Field Hockey Canada’s coaching staff across our National Team programs.   

As High Performance Director Adam Janssen explains, “Andre Henning, the Men’s National Team Head Coach, will lead the team in camps, tours and competitions, as well as training blocks in Canada. Meanwhile Andrew Wilson, the Women’s National Team Head Coach, is relocating to Vancouver this month. In 2021, Andrew will work across both programs for athletes based in Vancouver during the lead up to the Tokyo. Andre and Andrew are two top coaches who are committed to sharing ideas and experiences for the benefit all athletes. It is the longterm goal of Field Hockey Canada to continue to create program integration like this across both programs; to utilize the experience, expertise and coaching ability to best support all our National Team athletes. 

The organizational transformation of the high-performance system is the most visible building of our teams, but Field Hockey Canada has teams operating across all portfolios. These are teams of experts who lead our committee work in areas such as coaching and officials and umpiring education. They are the vital teams who are driving forward the development of the sport and we will look forward to continuing to grow our Team of Teams and celebrate our collective achievements on and off the field in the coming months and years. 



COVID-19 Return to Play – June [READ STORY] 

Field Hockey Canada worked with local and national health and sport professionals to come up with a hockey-specific Return to Play policy that best-served the community and allowed for a safe and methodical return to the field. These guidelines continue to be updated as our country progresses. 


HP System Review – July [READ STORY] 

Significant changes were happening within Field Hockey Canada’s broader organizational structure where the Coronavirus-induced change in annual operating rhythm was used to drive bigger system change. A full system high performance review was one of the items at the top of this list.  


HP Director Hired – September [READ STORY] 

Field Hockey Canada (FHC) is delighted to announce the appointment of Adam Janssen as High Performance Director. Adam comes to FHC with significant system expertise having previously served in high performance leadership roles with Athletics Canada, Table Tennis Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. 


Head Coaches Hired – October

Field Hockey Canada is thrilled to announce the appointment of Andre Henning as Head Coach of the Men’s National Team and Andrew Wilson as the Head Coach of the Women’s National Team. Both coaches come highly experienced in international hockey – having achieved podiums at world level events in the last quadrennial – and will be great program builders for short- and long-term success. 


Field Hockey Canada Athletes Adopt New Normal Amidst Uncertain Circumstances – October [READ STORY]

Despite challenges and setbacks, Field Hockey Canada is driving forward safely with its high performance programs. The preparation and lead up will look different this year, but both senior national teams have major competitions firmly in their headlights.


Facility Partnership with WVFHC – October [READ STORY] 

WVFHC has been a longtime supporter of the Men’s and Women’s National Field Hockey Teams and seeks to develop the sport at all levels, with recreational and high-performance programming at all ages and abilities. The partnership serves as a desire to grow recognition of both national teams to inspire the up-and-coming players.