Athlete Profile

Kate Thompson

Position: Defender
Age: 26
Height: 167 cm
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Residence: Vancouver, BC
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Senior Caps: 11

Field Hockey Background

I first played field hockey at age 5 in a family friend's backyard with milk crates as goals and sticks that were way too big for us.

Former Teams: Cornell Varsity Team

My Life

being outside. My passion (second to field hockey) is to work with small bugs (bacteria) that live in and around rocks. My younger twin sisters Helen and Becky always keep things fun and high speed at home, while my parents - Anne and John - support and manage all the activities we have going on. Other than hockey I like reading a good book and spending quality time with friends.


High School: Point Grey Mini School

University: Cornell University (2011)

Degree/ Major: Bachelor of Arts in Microbiology

Languages: English, French

Advice for aspiring athletes...

Be passionate about what you want and don't be afraid to take risks to achieve your goals.

Favourite Quote

"A definition of optimism: bad things happen just as often to optimists as they do to pessimists, however the optimists have a whole lot more fun in between."
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Provincial Associations

   FHBC        FHAB        SFHA        FHMB          FHO   FHQC      FHNS            FHPEI
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