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Rogier Trip

Men's National Alumni

Nickname: Trip
Position: Defender
Age: 24
Height: 186 cm
Hometown: Wassenaar, Zuid-Holland
Residence: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland
Birthplace: The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Senior Caps: 2
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Field Hockey Background

I was introduced to field hockey by both my parents! My mom used to play at Kieviten (the Netherlands) years ago and has been playing in the top league for many years.

Former Teams: Kieviten (the Netherlands), Rijnlands Lyceum Wassenaar team, HGC (the Netherlands)

Coaches: Carlo Daniels, Paul van Ass, Alejandro Verga

Favourite Moment with Team Canada

So far the cooking session at the University of British Columbia.

Proudest Moment

Winning the 'Stephan Veen' trophy at HGC for Most Talented Player.

My Life

Hobbies: Besides FH, Golf, Music and spending time with my friends. My friends are just as important as my family.

Goals: getting my degree of Bachelor in International Business Administration, Winning the Hoofdklasse league with HGC, make it to the Olympics with the Canadian National Team and will see what follows.


High School: Vrije Universiteit

University: Montessori Lyceum, Rijlnands Lyceum Wassenaar

Languages: Dutch, English

Advice for aspiring athletes...

Try to get the most out of yourself and do your best, the rest will follow.

Role Model

My grandpa

Favourite Quote

"Yesterday is history, Today is a dream, Tomorrow is an ambition"
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