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Scott Sandison

Men's National Alumni

Position: Defender
Age: 36
Height: 180 cm
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Residence: London, England
Birthplace: Toronto, ON
Senior Caps: 178
1st Int'l Appearance: 2002 in Scotland vs. Scotland
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Field Hockey Background

Both my parents played hockey. There was no choice in the matter. Eventually grew to love it and now can't escape the sport.

Former Teams: Toronto Field Hockey Club

Proudest Moment

Qualifying for the Olympics by winning the 2007 Pan American Games.

My Life

I am very interested in sport for development having worked in the field across North America, Caribbean, Africa, and Europe.


University: University of Western Ontario

Degree/ Major: Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Languages: English, Spanish

Advice for aspiring athletes...

If you want it badly enough then you can achieve it. Just keep working towards your goal.

Favourite Quote

"To achieve results never before accomplished you must expect to employ methods never before attempted." - Francis Bacon
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