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Katie Baker

Women's National Alumni

Nickname: Bakes
Position: Midfield
Age: 31
Height: 163 cm
Hometown: Argyle Shore, P.E.I.
Residence: Vancouver, BC
Birthplace: Charlottetown, P.E.I.
Senior Caps: 114
1st Int'l Appearance: 2006 in Cardiff vs. Wales
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Career Highlights

- Captain of the Women's National Team
- 2011 Pan American Elite Team
- 2009 Pan American Elite Team
- 2009 PEI Athlete of the Year
- 2003 CIS FirstTeam All-Canadian

Field Hockey Background

I played in Junior High gym class, and started playing in Grade 9 when I lived in Hamilton, Ontario.

Former Teams: Huskies; Meralomas; Royal Antwerp Hockey Club (Belgium)

Coaches: Louis Mendonca, Paul Bundy, Adam Commens, Sharon Rajaraman, Jennifer Gillan

Proudest Moment

Coming back and beating Wales 2-1 in the last two minutes at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

My Life

I love the beach, hammocks, fruit, napping, reading, and writing. I love visiting my parents in PEI, and spending time with my neighbours on the shore.


University: Saint Mary's University & University of British Columbia (2012)

Degree/ Major: Major in Sociology

Languages: English, French

Advice for aspiring athletes...

Fight. For. Everything.

Role Model

Sofie Gierts. Was the captain of RAHC when I played there, and the captain of Belgium. Amazing player, person, and leader.

Favourite Quote

"Go big or go home."

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