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Antoni Kindler

Men's National Team

Nickname: Tones
Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 27
Height: 190 cm
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Residence: Vancouver, BC
Birthplace: Urbana, Illinois, USA
Senior Caps: 52
1st Int'l Appearance: 2009, USA Series in Vancouver, BC
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Career Highlights

Commonwealth Games: Delhi 2010

Backstopping Canada to 1-1 draws against both England and New Zealand at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India

Field Hockey Background

A friend of mine introduced me to the sport when I was 13, however I only really started playing organized hockey when I was 15 and living in Hong Kong.

Former Teams: Canterbury HC (England), West Vancouver FHC, UBC Thunderbirds

Coaches: Anthony Farry

Favourite Moment with Team Canada

Walking into the stadium with the rest of Team Canada for the opening of the 2010 Commonwealth Games

Proudest Moment

Putting on the Canadian jersey for the first time.

My Life

I'm from a family of four. My parents Anna and Pawel are both academics at UBC, and my older brother Jan is Executive Vice President Asia-Pacific at MicroCoal Technologies Inc. Aside from hockey I enjoy tennis, golf, soccer, and pretty much anything outdoors, as well as fishing, cooking, and playing the guitar


University: University of British Columbia (2011)

Degree/ Major: Bachelor of Kinesiology

Languages: English, Polish, French

Advice for aspiring athletes...

You can never over-train the fundamentals! Practice makes perfect!

Favourite Quote

"Preparation breeds confidence"

Interesting Facts

1. I've got a decent handle on cooking good food
2. Although it might not always be apparent, I enjoy fashion
3. Aspiring entrepreneur

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Provincial Associations

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