Athlete Profile

Kaitlyn Williams

Women's National Team

Nickname: Rocky
Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 26
Height: 173 cm
Hometown: White Rock, BC
Residence: White Rock, BC
Birthplace: Vancouver, BC
Senior Caps: 70
1st Int'l Appearance: 2011 in San Diego vs. USA

Career Highlights

- 2011 Canada West Goalkeeper of the Year
- 2009 CIS Second Team All Canadian
- 2007 CIS Rookie of the year
- 2007 Uvic Rookie of the Year
- 2007 Premiers Athletic Award recipient
- 2007 CIS Second Team All Canadian

Field Hockey Background

Through my friends. I started in high school but my school didn't have a team so I played on various club teams.

Coaches: Louis Mendonca, Paul Bundy, Lynne Beecroft, Krista Thompson

Favourite Moment with Team Canada

All of it!

Proudest Moment

Earning my first cap in 2011 and winning the CIS championships in 2008.

My Life

I enjoy going camping, going to the beach, and eating sushi. I am the youngest of three siblings and I am currently studying Anthropology at the University of Victoria. When I am finished playing field hockey I hope to go into nursing.


University: University of Victoria

Role Model

My parents

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Provincial Associations

   FHBC        FHAB        SFHA        FHMB          FHO   FHQC      FHNS            FHPEI
      BC                   Alberta           Saskatchewan        Manitoba            Ontario              Quebec         Nova Scotia               P.E.I

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