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Matthew Guest

Men's National Team

Nickname: Guesty
Position: Forward
Age: 30
Height: 190 cm
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Birthplace: Shepparton, Victoria, Australia
Senior Caps: 102
1st Int'l Appearance: 2008 in South Africa vs. Great Britain

Career Highlights

- Scored a hat trick in the first match of the 2011 Pan American Games

Field Hockey Background

I was introduced to hockey by my brother Aaron and started playing at age 9 in Shepparton, Australia.

Coaches: Robin D'Abreo

Favourite Moment with Team Canada

Being together with the team when Ken was the flag bearer at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Proudest Moment

Playing in the match against Ireland with Rob and Ken when they broke the games record for Canada.

My Life

My mother is from Lethbridge, Alberta and I have family living in Calgary. My father played elite level Australian rules football when he was younger. I have one brother who lives in Vancouver and works as an Engineer and hockey coach.

I completed two years of schooling in Calgary and the rest in Australia. I studied medicine at the University of Melbourne and have worked as a doctor in Melbourne for two years.

My goal is compete with Canada at the 2012 London Olympics.


University: University of Melbourne Medical School (2009)

Languages: English

Role Model

Matthew Higgins

A hockey player from my local town who played senior provincial level for 10 years. Inspires me through his dedication and motivation to always continue improving.


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