Athlete Profile

David Jameson

Men's National Team

Nickname: DJ
Position: Midfield
Age: 30
Height: 173 cm
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Residence: Vancouver, BC
Birthplace: North Vancouver, BC
Senior Caps: 231
1st Int'l Appearance: October 2002 in Brussels vs. Belgium

Career Highlights

Two-time Pan American Medalist (Gold in 2007, Silver in 2003)

Field Hockey Background

My mom, Susan Jameson, played for the Canadian National Team in the 1970's. She put a field hockey stick in my hands as soon as I could hold one.

Former Teams: UBC Thunderbirds

Coaches: Robin D'Abreo

Favourite Moment with Team Canada

Winning the 2007 Pan American Games

Proudest Moment

Winning the 2007 Pan American Games Gold Medal.

My Life

I love going to concerts. I love boating of any kind. I love good food. My mom, Sue Jameson, was on the Canadian National Team from 1973 - 1979. My sister, Steph Jameson, currently plays on the Women's National Team.


University: University of British Columbia (2009)

Degree/ Major: Bachelors in Geography

Advice for aspiring athletes...

Always strive to outplay your direct opponent on the field.

Role Model

Susan Paterson

Interesting Facts

1. I rockclimb both indoors and outdoors.
2. I love skimboarding.
3. I played baseball as a kid and would always choose my baseball games over field hockey games if there was a conflict.

Field Hockey Shack

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