Athlete Profile

Richard Hildreth

Men's National Team

Position: Defender
Age: 31
Height: 178 cm
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Residence: Vancouver, BC
Birthplace: Vancouver, BC
Senior Caps: 132
1st Int'l Appearance: 2004 in South Africa vs. South Africa

Field Hockey Background

I was introduced to the game through a friend on my soccer team when I was young. Hockey was played in the spring. The only other sport offered during this season was baseball which was too slow. So I stuck with field hockey.

Former Teams: UBC Thunderbirds, BHC (Berlin), Canterbury (UK)

Coaches: Robin D'Abreo, Alan Brahmst, Louis Mendonca, Gene Muller

Favourite Moment with Team Canada

Winning the Pan American Games in 2007

Proudest Moment

- Won the Pan American Games in 2007
- Played in the World Cup in 2010

My Life

I enjoy playing other sports when I get a break from field hockey. I am particularly interested in ice hockey and soccer. I also enjoy keeping accurate time and underwater basket weaving.


University: University of British Columbia (2011)

Degree/ Major: Major in Philosophy

Languages: English

Favourite Quote

"When nothing is in your hand, your hand is empty like always" - Anonymous

Interesting Facts

1. I enjoy a good story about a bridge
2. My uncle has two middle names
3. I take the advice of the tenth dentist that doesn't recommend Crest.



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