Field Hockey Canada > National Volunteer Week - Feature Volunteer Michelle Savich

Field Hockey Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week from April 19-25. This week, we will feature a few volunteers from across the country. Thank you for the many nominations from your communities. We are thrilled to have such a terrific cast of volunteers and staff from coast-to-coast. Please enjoy our National Volunteer Week series!

Written and assembled by: Joshua Rey

Michelle Savich Q and A

Today’s featured volunteer is Michelle Savich from Chilliwack, British Columbia. Savich is a sport-administrator, a volunteer coach, a technical official and a general pitch-side volunteer. She’s invaluable to Chilliwack Field Hockey.  She also coaches at the U18, U16, and U13 level with the Chilliwack Pink Panthers.

Field Hockey Canada: In your eyes, why field hockey? What makes this sport so special?

Michelle Savich: The sport was just so different when it was introduced to me, like nothing I had ever seen or played before. The pace, the gamesmanship, the uniqueness of the sport, just adds to the aura of it all. The sport is so special, because of the people, the people I have been able to work with, play with and play against, it is such a unique community. “Those” moments, the relationships, lasting friendships are what makes the sport so special for me.

FHC: What motivates you to volunteer?

MS: Empowerment. Where there is a will, there is a way, where there is motivation there is determination. where there is investment there are rewards. Each and every personal and collective victory our athletes have, that is the motivation. I was so fortunate to have so many amazing volunteer coaches throughout my life, providing me with opportunities I could never imagine, coaching, volunteering, making opportunities happen for others is my way of paying it forward and making the days a whole lot better.

FHC: Do you think more people should volunteer with Field Hockey in Canada and how can more people get involved in a volunteer capacity?

MS: I think more people should volunteer more period. The greatest gift we can give is our time, our expertise and a piece of what we are passionate about. I am passionate about providing opportunity, through service and/or sport, and to leave the world better than how I found it. As for getting more involved, just get out there, be available, be flexible, see a need, go for it.

FHC: What role does volunteering play in your life?

MS: I see a need, I get it done. My volunteering goes well past field hockey. I sponsor a community youth service club out of my school, Builder’s Club, who prides themselves on being kids who help kids. Last year they fund raised asked for donations and together we made 200 individual wash bags for local community organizations for families and kids in need.Last year, I knew I wanted more and stepped forth in the process to become a Technical Official, training in Ipoh Malaysia, and volunteering at every major field hockey event I can, when I am not coaching.

FHC: What is your favourite part about giving back to the field hockey community?

MS: We are such a small community, it is hard to not know everyone, everywhere. Have you ever seen an athlete’s face light up or the look in a parent/guardians’ eyes when they realize, or learn that you are not there for the money, but for the investment in them, as people, as individuals. When they know sport and the involvement in sport is so much more than the name on the back of their jersey but it is the collective of the crest on the front?