Field Hockey Canada > Guy Robertson appointed IST Lead for Men's National Program

Field Hockey Canada is excited to announce the appointment of Guy Robertson as the Integrated Support Team (IST) Lead for the Men’s National Program. Robertson, a physiotherapist by trade, will be responsible for leading and managing all Men’s National Program support staff and volunteers.

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s (Fremantle, Australia) Physiotherapy program, Robertson has a background working with elite athletes. He joined Field Hockey Canada as a physiotherapist in 2017. Prior to moving to Canada, his most recent experience was working as a physiotherapist for the Australian Men’s National Hockey Team.

As IST Lead for the Canadian Men’s National Program, his managerial umbrella includes all non-athletes and coaches such as strength and conditioning staff, nutritionists and medical personnel among other support staff. Robertson will also maintain his position as lead physiotherapist for the Men’s National Team.

Men’s National Team Head Coach, Paul Bundy, said Robertson fits the job well has full confidence in his ability to tackle the roles. He emphasized how important it is to have someone in the program with a background in elite sports and sports medicine.

“I think it’s especially important in a system like ours where we are growing so quickly. It’s important to have someone who could coordinate all those people in one aligned vision,” Bundy said.

Further, Bundy said that when he arrived from Australia, Robertson naturally formed a great rapport with the athletes and staff at Field Hockey Canada.

“He also really fits our culture. He relates with the guys really well and has a really good rapport with them,” Bundy said. “He spends a lot of time with the guys and has gotten to get to know them well. He’s a self-starter and will go out and do what needs to be done without being micro managed.”

Robertson has been a physiotherapist for the Men’s National Team for the better part of a year. On top of treating players, he has also been working on a method of monitoring their work load day-in-day-out to prevent injuries and maximize training benefit. According to Robertson, his primary goal is to help build a sustainable IST system that has lasting power.

“I want to set up a system and an environment where the players have the best opportunity to achieve sustained success,” he said. “It’s important to set up a sustainable team where any single person could leave, and the program doesn’t fall apart.”

A native of Perth, Australia, Robertson initially moved to Vancouver last year with the goal of being a tourist and exploring Canada. He had only anticipated working enough to support his trip. However, according to Robertson, once he got involved with Field Hockey Canada, he knew his goal had changed.

“Once I met the guys and went away on my first tour, I knew I wanted to be a part of this program. I realized what an incredible group of athletes they are,” he said. “I am determined to make sure that they are supported to the best of our ability as an IST team moving forward.”